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Tehrathum District, 2500 – 13000 feet height above the sea level is located in the far Eastern corner of Nepal, significantly ‘’Tehrathum’’ word constructed as Tehra (thirteen) thum (Castle or fort). It covers an area of 679 square kilometres, populated by multicultural societies. According to the census, (2011AD) population of this district are about 11577. Nowadays Tehrathum District is recognised as Kingdom of Rhododendron where 28 different types of Rhododendron can be found in the area of Tinjure, Jaljale and Milke (TJM) in Tehrathum District.

I can witness several people from Tehrathum who has been residing all over the UK and each and every one of us has the same perception to bring about the home sensation, culture, and identification of Tehrathum here in the UK. The vision, that we all share together, can only be possible if we are resilient in a group or a society and that is what Tehrathum Society United Kingdom (TSUK) has been trying to accomplish since 2007.

On the last 5th General Convention of Tehrathum Society UK, I was endowed with such a significant responsibility and I would like to express my gratitude to all the members of Tehrathum Society UK for acknowledging my ability and dedication towards the society. I will take this moment as an opportunity and accept all the challenge that I will encounter during my time as a Chairman. With the help and expertise of our newly formed Executive Committee, I will endeavour to get Tehrathum Society UK a better recognition among other neighbouring societies.

Until now, there has been a massive distinction between registered and non-registered members in the Tehrathum Society UK. In order to shrink the gap, I would like to put more effort and thought into this matter and increase registered members for the smooth running of our charity work for our fellow registered members. I also would like to introduce a provident fund – only for the registered members to provide financial support. Further details on the provident fund will be discussed in the upcoming meetings.

TSUK has been awarding academically inclined descendants of the fellow members or fellow members themselves, who have performed outstanding results or achievements.

This awarding programme had been and will help gain strong moral support for our young generation. In order to promote our national language, culture and norm we have been organising classes for our young generations and – after much deliberation with members and area representative – we are planning to introduce additional classes in various part of the UK.

Every child has their own potential and views on their future prospects. We should be aware of this fact and should promote our children who are prone towards arts, literature and performance art as well. I strongly believe that by emphasizing their work and awarding their core determination and skills should help generate more newly talented artists from various fields of art and literature.

My view on coexisting in a multicultural society is by integration and establishing strong relationships among our neighbouring Nepali societies in the UK. A financial donation will be provided to the victims of natural disasters if occurred in Tehrathum district of Nepal. All the charity work and hard work implemented by this society will be passed on to next generation.

Finally, I am sure that the new Executive Committee will mutually use their full energy towards the framework of Society and your help will also be very important to the sustainability of TSUK.


With best regards,



Tehrathum Society UK

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